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Held in Sydney Harbour early October, the Pacific2013 was the eighth series since the exposition’s inception in 2000, showcasing the latest technology for the world maritime and naval defence industries.

The exposition provided professionals in industry, government and defence to showcase their capabilities, with more than 400 participating exhibitors from 17 countries. This significant opportunity to meet with peers, exchange information and ideas represented the global influence of the Asia Pacific region in the maritime industry. The Asia-Pacific boasts two of the largest ship building nations in the world, and Australia is strategically positioned within the region as a leading and highly influential nation bridging the trading Pacific and Indian oceans.  


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Pacific 2013: A Showcase of the World's Maritime and Defence Industry


Our Australian Defence Force is particularly influential and well respected within the global industry. The Australian Navy continues to hold strong ties with the rest of the region’s navies and its acquisition decisions, assessments and technology are renowned within the region.

The Australian Defence Force is now coming into an era of substantial growth and modernisation, planning to build major projects which signify a large boost to the trade industry within Australia.

Aluminium Boats Australia’s presence at Pacific 2013 heralded a significant opportunity to be involved in this future growth, to strengthen connections, to be informed of new innovations and to support and promote Australia’s defence capability to the world. 


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